Tectus TLF 30 Desktop Reader - read/write


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The TLF-30-USB-Desktop LF RFID Reader supports RFID TAGs of frequencies 125 kHz / 134 kHz and features Multiprotocol funtionality which means that as well FDX-B as HDX RFID TAGs could be read and written. System integrators and RFID users are able to program (write) ISOCards, Key Fobs for the Time Attendance and Access Control application or to program RFID based eartags for animal identification. LF RFID BIN TAGs to be used in the Waste Management application could be initialised or read to download the TAG data into the host system. Depending on the firmware version in general all kind of different LF Tranponder ICs / tapes are supported. The data transmission and interface and the power supply of the desktop reader device works via USB. 


  • Reads and writes FDX-B or HDX (Multiprotocol) RFID TAGs
  • HID (Human Interface Device) Software IDSEND supports data entry at cursor position
  • Windows based programmer software
  • USB power supply and interface



sku: TLF-30-USB-Desktop


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