Impinj Speedway R420 Evaluation Kit


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Speedway Revolution Evaluation Kit


Speedway R420 reader with universal power supply, power cord, and console cable

2 far-field reader antennas

1 Brickyard reader antenna,

1 Mini-Guardrail reader antenna.

1 two-meter SMA to R-TNC extension cable

Tag sample pack

Access to the latest Impinj firmware, testing software, programming libraries, and documentation

Impinj®, the only company possessing expertise in all areas of RFID system and component design, brings all the pieces of the RFID solution together into our Speedway Revolution Evaluation Kits. These kits provide users with a means to analyze the complete UHF Gen 2 answer for any RFID application, from pallet- and case-level down to item-level. By combining Impinj's fixed readers, near- and far-field reader antennas, Monza®-powered tags, and access to the latest Impinj support tools and documentation into one easy-to-install demonstration kit, customers can quickly verify the efficacy of an entire UHF Gen 2 RFID solution. in its entirety. Features With Autopilot, a set of unique firmware features work together to automatically optimize the reader's operation for its environment: •Autoset—continuously optimizes the reader's configuration for the best, most reliable performance •Low duty cycle—reduces RF interference, power consumption, and energy costs •Dynamic antenna switching—improves throughput and helps the reader work more efficiently The Speedway Revolution also delivers increased application flexibility via support for Power over Ethernet (PoE), which simplifies deployment and dramatically reduces cost by eliminating the need for AC outlet installation at read points. And this revolutionary reader improves upon the advanced hardware capabilities that made the original Speedway the reader of choice for many demanding customers—capabilities such as best receive sensitivity, interference rejection, and item-level carrier cancellation. Impinj, defining the future of RFID, where superior performance comes easy.

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